Want To bring Your dog to your wedding?

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Include Your Fur-Baby At Your Wedding


We all want to include our fur babies at our wedding, but for most people it’s just too hard.

 You want your best furry friend at your wedding because you want to be surrounded by your family – I get it! So that’s why I help people include their dogs in their ceremony and even afterwards for the photos. 


Want To Know More?

Before we can jump on in and have a big ol’ adventure with your doggo, we need to get to know each other a little.

Taking a few minutes to talk over what I do, ensures you get the best options for your fur baby.

I’m A Dog Mumma, Too

I see you – trying to be the best dog mumma you can be. That’s how I feel about my bois – Jupiter and Desi. That’s why I started Walks And Borks, so I could help other dog parents give their fur babies the best life out there.


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