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Pet Care so good everyone is

borkin’ about it.

Group Dog Adventures

Ditch the guilt & get your doggo being the social butterfly you know they can be. 
Book a Dog Adventure to keep your furbabe exercised, stimulated, socialised and entertained.
Think dog walking but better.

Dogs At Weddings

Our dogs aren’t just pets, they’re part of the family – so how could you get married without your family there?

Dog Training

There is no such thing as ‘bad’ behaviour, it’s just dog behaviour.
Understanding your dog and learning how a few simple things can make a big difference to your pets life. 

Pet Parenting – Made Easy

As pet parents, all we want our babies to be happy. But as pet parents, we know that life can get in the way and leave you feeling a serious case of the guilts.

We’ve all had those days where we are too tired to walk the dog or completely forgotten to go to the shop for cat litter and you look over at their sweet
little faces and think “F U C K!”

And that’s where I, your friendly neighbourhood pet dork comes in. Armed with a head full of tips, tricks and a shit tonne of experience for animals big & small, I’m here to be the extra pair of hands it sometimes takes in owning a pet.

So keep reading to find out I can make your life – and your pet’s life – little more fun and whole lot easier.


 Hey Girl Hey!
I see you – trying to be the best Dog Mum you can be.
I get the joy of seeing them play with their fav toy,  the frustration when they chew something they shouldn’ and I totally get the feeling of wanting them to have fun, stress free, social little lives and how guilty you feel when you can’t provide it.

It’s how I feel about my bois – Des & Jupiter.

Hell it’s why I started Walks & Borks in the first place. Think of me as your dogs cool Aunt who here to lend a helping paw in getting your cherub living their best  life possible.

Let's have a chat on the Dog & Bone

I'm mean emailing back & forth is super cool n' all but lets get to know each other the old fashion way by... carrier pigeon. 
But seriously lets have a chat, a kiki or a yarn. 
Taking a few minutes to talk over what I do and what you need will give you peace of mind and ensures you get the best options for your best babe.


Check. It. Out.
All the latest events from the
Woof + Wine club.

Think dogs, drinking and friends



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