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Perth Group Dog Adventures • wedding Chaperone • Dog Training • Cat + small animal care

Group Dog Adventures

Ditch the guilt & get your doggo being the social butterfly you know they can be. 
Book a Dog Adventure to keep your furbabe exercised, stimulated and entertained.
Think dog walking but better.

Dogs At Weddings

Our dogs aren’t just pets, they’re part of the family – so how could you get married without your family there?

Dog Training

There is no such thing as ‘bad’ behaviour, it’s just dog behaviour.
Understanding your dog and learning how a few simple things can make a big difference to your dogs life. 


 Hey Girl Hey!
I see you – trying to be the best Dog Mum you can be.
I get the joy of seeing them play with their fav toy,  the frustration when they chew something they shouldn’ and I totally get the feeling of wanting them to have fun, stress free, social little lives and how guilty you feel when you can’t provide it.

It’s how I feel about my bois – Des, Jupiter & Ambrose.

Hell it’s why I started Walks & Borks in the first place. Think of me as your dogs cool Aunt who here to lend a helping paw in getting your cherub living their best  life possible.


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