Professional Dog Mum

When I first got Des I remember holding him & telling him “I’ll never let anything bad happen to you”. I know what you are thinking… “Lord that’s a bit melodramatic babe.” but I meant it. I was fully invested in making sure that he (and now Jupiter & Ambrose) and I would live our best lives together.

So I started Walks & Borks as a way not only to impove mine and my dogs wellbeing but to help other Dog Mums get the most out of their relationships with their own dogs. Prior to my small biz journey I worked in pet care and animal welfare for over 8 years, which has filled my head with tips, tricks and knowledge for not only dogs but almost any pet you can think of.  

BUT I nerd out on everything dog and am a Qualified Dog Trainer throught the Institute of Modern Dog Trainer. The thought of helping people to strengthen their bond and understand their dogs through enrichment and R+ training makes me giddy. Now I know not everyone can up and start a pet care biz but thats why I’m here! Think of me as your dogs cool AF Aunt with the good treats!

Shannon xx



The boys



Chief Bork Officer

He’s perfect. He’s beautiful. He looks like Linda Evangelista. He’s a model. 
He is my ride or die at every wedding open day. Overall the goodest boi in all the land.



Treats Manager

This kid gets tired moving from his bed to the couch. 10/10 sleepy sausage.  



Vegemite Hunter

Watch this bloke, he will try to steal your girlfriend. Loves going with his mum to the hairdresser and flirting with all the ladies.
The youngest, yet the biggest of our 4 legged team. 


Shannon came to our house and met our baby boy and straight away we knew she was the real deal. She was so kind, passionate & obviously loved dogs. She gave us some really simple tricks to stop our Big Boy from detroying our house & also some tricks to make walking him easier too.
We found that her approach of “kindness” over “telling off” to train your dog was something we hadn’t come across with other dog trainers.
Shannon really cares about your pooch & wants desperately for you and your baby to live cohesively & have more fun together. She’s a real gem & and I can’t recommend her enough.
Thanks Shannon, looking forward to our next session.”
• 😍😍😍 •

Stephanie Gorton

I highly recommend Shannon as a pet wedding attendant. I contacted her about 10 days before my wedding in a state of panic after my original plans fell through. I’m very particular when it comes to my furbaby. Shannon quickly put my fears and anxiety to rest after in depth phone calls, meet and greets and a play date. Her calm and positive personality was an absolute godsend on the day. I didnt have to worry about my Rusty who was ring bearer, dog of honour AND apart of our wedding photos.

Shannons highest priority was always our dogs welfare and happiness. Nothing was too much trouble and she followed the requested schedule and feeding routines immaculately. Rusty was so relaxed with Shannon despite all the activity of a wedding and she just has a way with dogs. I would never hesitate to recommend Shannon to anyone and everyone. 

Janelle & Donny

Shannon was incredible looking after our dog Murphy while we partied! She clearly loves animals and they love her – Murphy was so happy with her around! It was real peace of mind having her look after him and we knew he was having just as much fun as we were. Thank you!’-


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