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How I can Help you

There’s lots of different ways I can help you look after your fur baby. Maybe your good boi has a bit too much energy, or maybe you need some help with some basic training but don’t have time to fit in regular puppy classes? 

The good news is I can help your doggo live a happy life. Walks & Borks helps fur families with:

Dog Walking & Group Adventures

Pet Chaperone for Weddings

Pet Training & Basic Obedience

Pet Services including Pet Taxi


Group Dog Walking

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome in the derpy dog squad as long as they are social, have decent recall and are vaccinated & sterilised. 

Coming home to have happy & tired doggo and a home that hasn’t been destroyed sounds much better than coming home to a hyper dog that has chewed the couch and dug down to the slab of your home.

It’s no brainer!

They are more than just dogs walks! Your dog gets to stretch their legs, play with others and practice speaking dog well aka socialising.

Pet Chaperone For Weddings

Having your doggo in the wedding is actually one of the first ideas many couples have but it’s also followed by the thought “Nah it’s not possible, who would we even get to do it!?” So it’s quickly put in the ‘Maybe’ pile which turns into the ‘we don’t have time to work this out’ pile and forgotten.
Well not anymore!

I’m here to do the (four)leg work for you. Don’t think your dog is behaved enough for the job? A free meeting to assess your dogs temperament
and a 1-on-1 doggy date means things will go off without a hitch
Wedding out of town? No worries!

Puppy Training

• Puppy sessions • Toilet training • Basic Obedience
• General manners • Specialisation • Jumping up  • Crate Training

Sometimes our doggos just need a bit of structure to help them lead happy lives. Starting basic training with your puppy early can help you both get the most out of your time together and help your pup feel loved and secure.

Basic socialisation – getting your pup used to other dogs and people – as well as habitualisation  – getting your pup used to its environment – will help your fur baby remain calm when you’re out and about having awesome adventures. 

Pet Services

Did you know we have a pet taxi service and transit insurance? For all your pet transportation needs

So no more desperately trying to get that Saturday grooming appointment or worrying about how to ask for time off work so that annual vaccinations don’t get missed.

So if you’re in a pickle on how to pick up your pup, give me a shout and we’ll get them there!


Don’t be a regular Dog Mum, be a Cool Dog Mum and join the
Woof + Wine Club

Woof + Wine Club | Frisk 
Sunday, March 29th 2020 | 2pm

Woof + Wine Club | Seasonal Brewing Co
Sunday, April 26th 2020, 2 PM

Woof + Wine Club | Duende Tapas
Saturday, May 23rd 2020, 12 PM

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